Cruise ship pollution monitoring in the APB ports

Deployment of an environmental monitoring network for maritime transport emissions in the ports of the APB.


With the aim of “monitoring air quality by measuring pollutant emissions in the air of the port area and acoustic levels”, the Balearic Islands Port Authority sought to design a network of air quality stations in the ports of Palma, Eivissa, Maó, Alcudia and La Savina.

This monitoring network will allow them to know the origins and magnitudes of pollutant and noise sources in order to study proposals that contribute to improving air quality and the quality of life of users and citizens.


The joint venture formed by Kunak and Labaqua has deployed a network of 25 Kunak AIR Pro devices to monitor pollutant gas and particle parameters and noise pollution in real time in 8 ports of the Balearic Islands.

The data is collected and sent to a cloud platform available to the APB.

  • Deployment of a network of 25 Kunak AIR Pro stations: 8 in the port of Palma, 6 in Ibiza, 4 in Maó, 4 in Alcudia and 3 in La Savina.
  • SIAM environmental data management platform for the execution of pollutant dispersion models and rollback analysis.
  • Data analysis for the implementation of improvement plans.
  • A real-time information panel on air quality integrated into the port authority’s website.
  • Kunak AIR Cloud platform for the operational management of the sensor network.


Development of an environmental monitoring solution for ports calibrated with the following functionalities:

  • Alarm system, alerts and statistics in real-time.
  • System for generating periodic reports.
  • Detection of episodes of increased pollution.
  • Remote management and calibration of equipment.
  • Development of advanced statistical protocols for obtaining high-quality and reliable data that provide high correlations with official stations and reference equipment.