Dust monitoring network at Barrick’s Pueblo Viejo gold mine

The AIR Pro stations network allows Barrick Pueblo Viejo to monitor and control air quality both at the gold mine and in the surrounding communities, thereby reducing the mine’s environmental impact.


Barrick Pueblo Viejo, the leading Canadian-based transnational mining company, contacted Kunak to develop an air quality monitoring system at the Pueblo Viejo gold mine in the Dominican Republic. It is the 5th largest gold mine in the world, producing 0.8 million ounces year.

Top 10 largest gold mines in the world – Source: VisualCapitalist

Barrick Pueblo Viejo’s environmental team was looking to strengthen environmental monitoring at the mine through a Kunak AIR Pro stations network measuring various pollutant gases and particulates, powered by solar energy to operate in key areas without the need for an electrical connection. These devices also include anemometers to create visualisations of pollutant dispersion and determine the direction and origin of pollution.

The objective was to monitor, manage and analyse in real time the environmental impact of mining operations and related activities at critical locations. As part of its commitment to environmental responsibility, Barrick Pueblo Viejo uses this data to make decisions that continually improve air quality in the area and protect the health of its employees and nearby communities.

The monitoring network also makes it possible to record key parameters and issue early warnings when anomalies are detected or when preset thresholds are exceeded, facilitating rapid and effective decision-making to minimise their effects.


Kunak AIR Pro air quality stations network deployment to measure suspended particulate matter (PM10, PM4, PM2.5 and PM1), total suspended particulate matter (TSP) and total particle count (TPC), as well as wind speed and direction, with full autonomy thanks to solar panels. This system allows the monitoring at critical points and data analysis to implement effective practices to reduce environmental impact.


  • Expansion of the existing environmental monitoring network (hybrid air quality network).
  • Control of emissions during mining operations.
  • Real-time information for decision-making.
  • Visualisation of air quality around the mine using Kunak AIR Cloud software.
  • Air quality monitoring in nearby communities.
  • Alert system for exceeding preset limits.
  • Health and environmental protection.


With the Kunak AIR Pro stations network, Barrick Pueblo Viejo now monitors air quality throughout the mining area and in neighbouring communities, preventing and mitigating the environmental impact of mining activity and protecting the health of the population and workers from potential pollution episodes.

The data collected by the Kunak AIR Pro stations and meteorological sensors are integrated into the Kunak AIR Cloud platform, allowing a detailed analysis of the evolution of air quality and, with the alert system, to act preventively and verify the effectiveness of the control measures implemented in the mine.