Global air quality network on athletic tracks for World Athletics

The World Athletics Air Quality project is part of a broad campaign to raise awareness about air pollution around the world and the impact it has on elite athletes and recreational runners.


World Athletics aims to work and advocate for clean air by providing real-time information on air quality and athlete performance. It also seeks to influence environmental policies, find air quality solutions and conduct awareness campaigns.

World Athletics, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme, aims to address the air pollution problem that contributes to 7 million deaths a year worldwide. Creating an air quality monitoring network at 1,000 athletics tracks around the world provides a prime opportunity to provide evidence to improve the health of citizens and future athletes.


Supply and installation on demand of Kunak AIR Pro stations for the monitoring of polluting gases and particles.

Completed actions:

  • Deployment of a sensor network with embedded wireless communications.
  • Development of mobile application.
  • Monthly report of the data obtained.


Development of a calibrated environmental monitoring solution with the following functionalities:

  • System of alarms, alerts and statistics in real-time.
  • Detection of episodes of increased pollution.
  • Management and remote calibration of the equipment.
  • Development of advanced statistical protocols to obtain data of high quality and reliability that provide high correlations with official stations and reference equipment.