Meteorological parameters and air quality sensor network in Alaquàs

Creation of an air quality monitoring network to record data on the concentration of pollutant gases and suspended particles.


This air quality monitoring network in Alaquàs (Valencia) provides the town with information on atmospheric and meteorological variables. To achieve this objective, fixed sensors have been installed at various points in the population. The integration and sending of data are done via Rest API to the city’s Smart City platform. All this deployment is developed within the “Environmental Monitoring System Project” (Smart Cities 2019 of the Valencia Provincial Council).

Alaquàs City Council needed an autonomous air quality monitoring system capable of providing air pollution and weather values. The aim was for the municipality to have its own management resources. The solution adopted consisted of its own monitoring system using a network of air quality sensors. Thus, with the provision of infrastructure and resources, it is now possible to record data on the concentration of gaseous pollutants and particulate matter. In this way, in addition to strengthening local capacities, the measurement and monitoring systems of the supra-municipal bodies are also complemented.


Deployment of a network of Kunak AIR stations with wireless communications to monitor pollutant gases and particulate matter. One of the devices has a weather station (anemometer and rain gauge) that continuously records climate parameters.

The Kunak AIR Cloud platform allows remote configuration and updating of the devices, as well as visualisation and analysis of the climatic parameters of the air measured by the equipment.

In addition, these recorded data will be sent to the SENTILO platform of the Valencia Provincial Council.

Completed actions:

  • Deployment of a sensor network with embedded wireless communications.
  • Development of an API for integration into the client’s server.
  • System of warnings for failures and alerts for high concentration.
  • Data analysis for the implementation of improvement plans.
  • Mobile application.


We developed an environmental monitoring solution with the following functionalities:

  • Alarm system, alerts and statistics in real-time.
  • Detection of episodes of increased pollution.
  • Remote management and calibration of equipment.
  • Development of advanced statistical protocols for obtaining high-quality and reliable data that provide high correlations with official stations and reference equipment.