The Apex AIR Series Air Quality Monitor

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The Apex AIR series are designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance, guaranteeing accurate measurement of target pollutants and affordable ownership.  

In partnership with Kunak, Apex Instruments will serve as a key strategic partner for private labeled Kunak products in the United States as well as through its global distribution network. Apex Instruments will also serve as the North American Service Center for Kunak products.

The cost-effective and near reference air quality monitoring solutions are designed for cities, industries and researchers that need to make better decisions based on supplementary systems with larger & accurate datasets. Now it’s possible to monitor a multitude of parameters and physical realities through small sensor-based devices with low power consumption.  

Main applications:

Customizing your Air Quality Monitoring System

Select cartridges to detect target pollutants

Select PM sensor and sensors functionalities

Visualize sensor data and performance on cloud software

API enables easy data integration


Application based design

Select your targeted pollutants for industrial monitoring or massive deployments in cities.

Built-in display

Easy installation and on field diagnosis thanks to its embedded display.

Best accuracy

Get the most reliable and accurate data without the need of additional external instruments.

Cost effective

Get the most accurate technology at a fair cost.

Cartridges system

Replace and combine gas cartridges and PM sensor with a plug & play system.

Easy data integration

Local wired integration through slave MODBUS RTU or via API through the cloud.

Rugged & Compact design

The smallest air quality solution designed for harsh environments (IP65 & IK08)

Targeted pollutants

Measure up to 2 gases and particulate matter at once.

Fully autonomous

Autonomous operation with its built-in battery and solar panel.

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