The Apex AIR Series Air Quality Monitor

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Designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance, guarantees affordable ownership and accurate measurement of target pollutants. 

The Apex AIR series is a cost-effective and near reference air quality monitoring solution, designed for cities, industries and researchers that need to make better decisions based on supplementary systems with larger & accurate data. Now, it’s possible to monitor multitude of parameters and physical realities through small sensorbased devices with reduced power consumption. 

The air quality monitoring station for professionals

After 7 years designing and deploying small air quality stations all over the world, we have created the new APEX AIR Pro, a huge evolution of our previous sensor based air quality monitoring station, designed to solve all the lifecycle challenges of a sensor-based air quality product, its operation and maintenance, as well as the need of every environmental project.

Its multipollutant cutting-edge design includes environmental sensors as well as connectors for external weather sensors or probes which, together with its solar panel operation and real-time wireless data transmission, makes the APEX AIR Pro the most advanced air quality monitoring station on the market. 


Easy & Fast installation

Set up in less than 10 minutes with visual diagnosis in a built-in display

Cartridges system

Replace and combine pollutant sensors with a plug & play system.

Proven accuracy

Proven as the best-in-class system by independent organizations.

Easy calibration

Adjust the baseline and span remotely.

Air quality platform

Visualize, analyse and manage your data in the cloud.

Multi pollutant

Measure up to 5 gases and particulate matter at once.

Fully autonomous

Autonomous operation with its built-in battery and solar panel.

Real-time data

Access to your data and alarms in real-time.

Add environmental sensors

Connect wind, rain, noise, and other sensors.

The compact air quality station for hyperlocal monitoring

An increasing demand of a compact and cost-effective air quality solution was perceived for industrial applications and massive deployments in cities. Thus, based on the same principles as Apex AIR Pro solution and making use of the same Smart Gas sensor technology, the Apex AIR Lite is designed to complete Apex AIR solutions, targeting a maximum of 2 gases and particles.

In addition, probes for wind, rain, noise… can be connected to the device to meet all the necessities of your air quality project. This industrial air quality solution is designed for harsh environments with an easy integration of real-time data into wired industrial systems and maintaining wireless data transmission to the Apex Cloud software. 


Main applications:

Application based design

Select your targeted pollutants for industrial monitoring or massive deployments in cities.

Built-in display

Easy installation and on field diagnosis thanks to its embedded display.

Best accuracy

Get the most reliable and accurate data without the need of additional external instruments.

Cost effective

Get the most accurate technology at a fair cost.

Cartridges system

Replace and combine gas cartridges and PM sensor with a plug & play system.

Easy data integration

Local wired integration through slave MODBUS RTU or via API through the cloud.

Rugged & Compact design

The smallest air quality solution designed for harsh environments (IP65 & IK08)

Targeted pollutants

Measure up to 2 gases and particulate matter at once.

Fully autonomous

Autonomous operation with its built-in battery and solar panel.

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