Smart gas cartridges

Apex AIR stations are sensor-based devices equipped with slots to insert Smart gas cartridges. Apex Smart Cartridges solve many of the known issues of sensor technology: sensor variability, factory and field calibration, automatic data invalidation, sensor replacement, network operation and maintenance work. 

Apex’s Smart Gas Cartridges ensure measurement control throughout the life cycle of each sensor, making the Apex AIR stations more sustainable and our customers’ lifes easier. 

GasPlug TM technology (patented)

All the cartridges have the same size and fit in any of the available sockets. Inside the cartridge, we install the sensor into a PCB that stores its all information: type, age and factory calibration. When you plug the new cartridge, the basestation just reads the information, configures itself and starts working
Traceable QC & QA

Each cartridge is calibrated and validated individually in lab against traceable reference standards.

Endless combinations

Combine the parameters freely. Reuse and scale your basestations at your own pace.

Plug & Play

Simply take the old one out and replace easily with the new one, on field.

More sustainable

The electronic and mechanical parts can be reused, making it the most sustainable AQ sensorbased station in the market.