What We Do Different

Apex AIR stations use onboard sensors and Apex embedded algorithm that calculates the concentrations in ppb or μg/m3 locally and in real-time, not using or needing external reference data to calculate gas or particle concentrations.

Apex algorithm corrects the interferences and artifacts typically found in raw data, compensating environmental effects like temperature, humidity and pressure (depending on the cartridge), as well as cross-sensitivities using onboard data.

Benefits : 

Remote calibration of a linear response

For most of the cartridges temperature, humidity and crosssensitivities effects have a nonlinear response in the sensor raw data which are corrected by Apex algorithm converting the nonlinear response into a linear response. Thus, the calibration of each cartridge requires only two points; zero and span.

Simply apply the means you have (reference standards, lab, trends) to the calibration tool in Apex Cloud